The Secrets You Tell Your Teddybear.

Finding dupes is so exciting. December 7, 2010

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I have a few products from Ulta’s line that I like. I use their cheek color A LOT, mainly because the packaging is nice. I’m a sucker for it. I find it easier to open them than messing with any of my Cargo tins. During the holidays Ulta always has a little assortment of things that people can grab as stocking stuffers. Nothing very good though.

That was until this year. Or maybe not. I don’t know when Ulta started doing them but their little holiday lipgloss tins are absolutely  wonderful.

They are a dupe for the Urban Decay XXX Shine Lipgloss. I kid you not. I was in the car when I tried it on after my sister offered me some. The texture was something very familiar. I found myself surprised by the scent (peach), I had expected the minty sensation of my higher end Urban Decay stuff. That is how I knew what it reminded me of, the fact that I was expecting it to be even more similar. I watched the wear of it for the rest of the shopping day. It was still there after 4 hours. It had definitely lost some of the initial shine, but I was still happy with it.

Who knew that a 99 cent product could dupe something high-end so easily? I actually held off blogging about this for a few days just to make sure of my feelings. I actually like the Ulta stuff more than the Urban Decay, and I am an avid user of UD products. It could be due to the peachy smell though, similar to Escada Sunset (one of my favorites a few years ago).

Whatever Ulta did with this product was right. That is for sure.



Christmas lights. November 28, 2010

Have this unmatched capability to make me angry with my family. Every year, I get mad at the sloppy work of who ever decided to put them up. This year, it was me. My sister came home and asked with a slight tone of surprise “Did you put the lights up? They look really bad.” See the way it works is that one person decides to get them out, untangle them, sort them, make up some kind of plan, and then puts it all together. That one person always ends up doing a terrible job so my sister and/or I go and correct them the next day. It has become an unspoken tradition.

I had been locked in my room for days, leaving only for work, family, or very special friends. My dad even commented on how he hasn’t seem me for the longest time. I think he was a little worried. I put a smile on and told him I was going to the library and the park to get some reading done. Bad mistake. The library closed at 5pm apparently. I thought it was at 6, the fact that it was Sunday did not occur to me. I saw a couple friends there I wish I hadn’t. I turned and went to my  favorite swing. There I read some of Frankenstein.  I did my best to focus. I was getting into the book when I noticed that my face was wet. The book no longer held my attention, instead I let myself fall back into thought. My thoughts shifted to the previous times I had been on that swing. There was the project to clean up the park; there was the time I  ran into some students in classes I had helped; there was the time I just wanted to get away from it all; there was a time I ran into a guy and his family; and the time when I was just people watching. I’m sure I’ve been to that place more than I can remember. It’s been a spot I’ve loved since my previous neighbor’s grand daughter had been my best friend. We used to swing on those swings together when Ms. Carmen took her walks. We used to have Candy (my neighbor’s dog) wait near the fence and swing backwards looking at her.

I decided it was time to leave that place within 20 minutes of arriving. During the walk back to the truck I thought about where I wanted to be. Not just where I wanted to drive to at that moment, but where I wanted to be in life. It’s a difficult thing to explain. I decided to go to the gazebo that my friend and I share as a place to think and talk, during the drive there I realized the amount of time I was allowing myself to be free to think about whatever I wanted was holding me down. I needed some sort of distraction to occupy my mind.Christmas lights were what I thought of first, so I decided to head home instead.

I guess school should have that  covered until winter break. I doubt it will though.