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Finding dupes is so exciting. December 7, 2010

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I have a few products from Ulta’s line that I like. I use their cheek color A LOT, mainly because the packaging is nice. I’m a sucker for it. I find it easier to open them than messing with any of my Cargo tins. During the holidays Ulta always has a little assortment of things that people can grab as stocking stuffers. Nothing very good though.

That was until this year. Or maybe not. I don’t know when Ulta started doing them but their little holiday lipgloss tins are absolutely  wonderful.

They are a dupe for the Urban Decay XXX Shine Lipgloss. I kid you not. I was in the car when I tried it on after my sister offered me some. The texture was something very familiar. I found myself surprised by the scent (peach), I had expected the minty sensation of my higher end Urban Decay stuff. That is how I knew what it reminded me of, the fact that I was expecting it to be even more similar. I watched the wear of it for the rest of the shopping day. It was still there after 4 hours. It had definitely lost some of the initial shine, but I was still happy with it.

Who knew that a 99 cent product could dupe something high-end so easily? I actually held off blogging about this for a few days just to make sure of my feelings. I actually like the Ulta stuff more than the Urban Decay, and I am an avid user of UD products. It could be due to the peachy smell though, similar to Escada Sunset (one of my favorites a few years ago).

Whatever Ulta did with this product was right. That is for sure.



Ponytails make my hair look longer. March 17, 2010

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Not that I need it to. My hair is already around 22 inches. For those who cannot do math, that is almost 2 feet. Wow. I started growing it out with the idea of selling it. Over the past couple of years I have fallen in love with it.

I did so many different things with it while it was short, always thinking that if I had more hair, it would be more versital.


The longer it got, the harder it was to manage. I love it to death, I appreciate all the compliments I get. Especially when I’m at the cafe, but not working so my hair is down. Regulars give me double looks before realizing that the girl with the bun who is normally behind the counter is me, the girl with long wavy hair past her waist. But back to it being annoying. I used to wear necklaces all the time. Now they just get tangled up into a mess with my dark locks. For about a year I had my haircut like this:

Kim Kardashian with bangs or fringe as some people call it.

Now, my bangs have grown out well past my chin and look a little frumpy but it doesn’t bother me. Although I find it very aggravating when my “bangs” stick strait out from the rest of my ponytail. I end up looking like this kid:


My bangs stick up like this from my ponytail sometimes. haha

Oh well. We all have those days. Another annoying part of long hair is that it weighs itself down, so you get less volume. Since I naturally get oily really fast and my hair pulled down so close to my scalp, I end up having to wash it every day. I realize this is very unhealthy for it, but I can’t really do much about it. I do use to CWC method to wash my hair sometimes, when I remember, so it doesn’t hurt it as much. Maybe I’ll write about that later.


Viva Glam: can you get me hooked? March 14, 2010

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I have taken a big interest in makeup lately. I noticed that MAC does this thing called Viva Glam, where all the funds to the MAC AIDS fund. I thought this was a great idea! It makes it me feel like I have a reason to buy a $14 lipstick (or maybe 12, I can’t remember). I don’t even wear lipstick and that got me excited. I think I’m going to buy one for my mother first, maybe the Cyndi Lauper one.  It was released at the same time as Lady Gaga’s (I’m not a fan of this blueish light pink though. It will be my first MAC product purchase. I just couldn’t justify spending so much money on one product before. I’ll get to see the quality of the lipsticks and maybe I’ll want to buy more or maybe I won’t see what the hype about is. If I like the one I get my mother, I’ll get one for myself (an older color though), but it won’t have that cute little signature on the tube. MAC just started putting celeb sigs on there with these two lovely ladies. The rest of the Viva Glam line just has a red band around the tube. I wish the Viva Glam line wasn’t just lipsticks, if it was eyeshadow, I would be all over it. But I guess I’ll be taking the plunge with lipstick.