The Secrets You Tell Your Teddybear.

I was very confused for a minute. October 27, 2011

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Because there a a reblog button on wordpress. This isn’t tumblr. How long has that been there?


Yeah Exam tomorrow. October 18, 2011

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But I’m still just chillin on the internet.

I need more motivation.


One of the first entries I ever wrote on WordPress. October 13, 2011

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Was written the morning that I picked up my parking pass for high school. I had just gotten my car and I loved her. I ranted and ranted on a new blog about the bitch who hurt my poor little Annabell. She was still a baby, an infant even.

This time. I was that bitch. I was the bitch who destroyed her. Sure, there were other factors, but I was still the one who couldn’t save her. She was still a baby, even a couple of years later.

RIP Annabell.  October 2007 РOctober 2011

You are missed, every minute of every hour by me. I’m so sorry that I stopped caring about you. You were still a baby. You were my way out of that dreadful place, the safe hiding place for me and my things. I remember the little crystal teddy bear on your first key chain, my dad’s keys even. I remember the night that you were christened. I made life decisions while behind your wheel. I talked to the rumble of your engine when it was just the two of us on long trips.

Thank you for saving my life.