The Secrets You Tell Your Teddybear.

I no longer have to try not to get my hopes up. September 20, 2011

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I thought this was something I definitely wanted, being in a sorority. This sorority in particular, but after dinner with them and realizing that a sorority is just a name for a group of close friends, I was no longer willing to do anything to get there. I would still love to be a part of it. I’ve wanted it since school started, but now I’m much more comfortable with the idea of not getting an invitation.

It might be because I’ve experienced it before, it might be because of the money that I know I’ll save. It might be because the girls weren’t trying to make me want them that night at dinner. I’d like to think it’s because I’ve grown up a little bit since I got here and because I have a group of friends that I’m already comfortable with.

Yeah, I will be a little upset if they don’t offer me a bid the second time around as well. But not nearly as i once would have been.


Protected: Maybe the snoring isn’t that bad. September 8, 2011

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That terrible weekend

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seems to still be affecting me. I keep falling into this pit of not wanting to do anything.

Even school work seems uninteresting now. Maybe I just need alone time. It’s impossible to come by around here. :/

I need to call Nana tomorrow. I need to pay for my Amazon order tomorrow. I need to finish my homework, figure out my present, find a waxing place up there, pack, and write a meaningful letter tomorrow.

I really just need to blog, more than anything else. I find myself writing during classes when I should be paying attention just because I really need to and I haven’t been finding time. I guess I just have to suck it up and blog in a shared room.  Every time I want to, I find myself on the phone and I just end up getting into stupid little fights for some reason or the other.

What happen to my confidence?