The Secrets You Tell Your Teddybear.

My grandparents. March 17, 2011

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Hold our family together. They should come back from India. Yeah I don’t talk to them much lately. I say it’s because I don’t have time. Really, it’s because I’m worried about goodbyes. They’ll be easier if I’m already weaned off. Right?

I don’t know how peace is made without my grandmother. She is the peace keeper of my family.

Family fights suck. My parents are too physical. My sister just can’t handle it. And I just have over-active tear ducts when in rage.

My mother said the words “Why are you crying?” to me tonight, knowing perfectly well that I absolutely HATE it when my father does so. It’s like they have forgotten everything that we have just said.

9 tears total. 4 while writing. That brings the total for the year to 11. This is embarrassing.

I’ll probably get in trouble for writing about “family issues.” Sigh. I don’t care, I need to pass this Calculus test.