The Secrets You Tell Your Teddybear.

December 7th. December 7, 2010

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December 7th, 1994. Do you know what happen this day?

It was the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

September 11th, 2001. Do you know know what happen this day?

Of course you do. We all remember.

Pearl Harbor and the World Trade Center were similar types of attacks. They both resulted in a spirit of American unity. Each on caused the people of the United States to form a common enemy. Then the were the Axis Powers, more recently they are the Axis of Evil. Why don’t we give even just one moment to stop and remember? If any reason to study the history of the United States, it is to remember all the lives that it took to get us where we are today.

I hate that people forget the past and all that others have done for them. There will be a time when the date September 11th will not mean as much to the world. I hope that people will remember the national heartbreak, but generations to come will not have the experience to remind them. We will have to keep memories alive. Just as we should remember the attacks on Pearl Harbor.


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