The Secrets You Tell Your Teddybear.

The Ins and Outs of October 2010 October 18, 2010

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List making – I feel like I HAVE to do something once it’s written down and it helps me remember.

Scrubs – So comfy and easy to take care of.

Spell check – How would I write papers so late without it?

Common App – Why don’t all colleges use it? Come on public schools, we know you don’t really care much about us, but it would be nice not to have to get through a maze every time we want to login in to the application.

Reading – it’s a nice escape from everything, and well an easy way to relax before sleep.

Organic Shaped Jewelry – These days people are wearing more jewelry that looks like it grew on a metal tree. Like those metal leaves and dragonflies?

Sunglasses – It may be fall, but I’m still rockin’ these babies.

5 hour energy – I’ve never had a whole one, but even half of one will work wonders. It was my best friend during my first allnighter of my life.

Blankets – I love sleeping with the windows open then huddling under a few blankets to keep warm.


British Literature – I think I disliked American Lit. more, but there is much more immediacy to this problem.

SAT and ACT – I realize that I am not leaving the world for standardized testing forever, but after the ACT this weekend. I will be done for awhile. Oh, MCAT.

T-shirts – I don’t find myself reaching for hobo clothing much these days.

Bells – You know those bells that people ring when they need help? Well sometimes I feel like they are our main form of communication at my place of work. I’m tired of having any bell noise make me look twice.

Sleep – I wish I could do without it.

Easy Mac – I have been consuming this garbage daily. I should stop.

Loud Commercials – haven’t you learned anything from successful advertisements? You have to touch my heart to make me want your product, not just yell it’s name at me. You are not Billy Mays. Shut up.

Sick Days – minus being sick.


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