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Why New Moon made money. December 6, 2009

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I am not a Twilight lover, nor am I a hater. I just feel that it is way to over hyped, the story line is too loose, and the reading level too low. I you had asked me about this about 1 year and a half ago , I would have given you a great review. I was once part of the Twilight cult, and I am not afraid to admit it. I also remember I called myself Team Jacob as I read, which is why I feel that I may have hated this movie less than the last one.

The only reason that I feel New Moon was worth watching was because of the steaming hot wolf pack. Other than the eye candy, there was nothing else to say. The acting was terrible, the effects were bad (although not as bad as twilight), and the ending was terrible. The cliff hanger seemed to suggest that I could not just open a book and see that she ends up with Edward.

I feel that the reason so many people went to see this movie was the same reasons I went to see it. I was excited about Taylor. I wanted to see if the new director would make a difference. My sister wanted to see it, so in part I was made to go. But the main reason I went was to make fun of it. I was planing on writing about it right after I saw it (the weekend it came out), but it just seemed to cruel. The theater I was in seemed to be full of haters and for me it made the experience just that much better. I felt bad for the minority though, the girls who came because they love the series.

Anyways, I was surprised to see that so many people went to see it that weekend, especially with all the other good movies that were out. I was surprised to see it as a Trending Topic on Twitter.


One Response to “Why New Moon made money.”

  1. Tasmia Says:

    And I’ve yet to see this movie D:

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