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The Greg House from the past seasons is no more. September 27, 2009

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House MD has been my favorite show from the moment I watched a random episode during season 5. Soon after that I bought all of the season that I missed and had a House Marathon all summer long. As House slowly lost his mind at the end of season 5 I began to get worried. Maybe they were wrapping things up.

When season 6 started it seems like there was a whole new House. He was no longer taking Vicodin (which one could argue is as big of a character on the show as House himself). All that was left was the shell of Greg House. Slowly over the course of two hours, it seemed like the writers changed the personality of House altogether. He became more willing to conform, he gave into a form of love, and he learned to forgive, and more out of character of all he learned to trust. His intuitiveness was the same as ever as he “cured” the girl with the music box. This show has been so consistent till now. I  like the new House that is coming through, but I really miss the old one. The House that didn’t care.

Now as the Season continues House will quit his job, and Foreman , the House-lite of the bunch will try to step up. That’s all I can tell from the trailers of the new episodes. I look forward to see what new characters they will have to interact with House and what they will do with the old ones. I have heard rumors of Cameron leaving the show, although both her and Chase are supposed to be well integrated for the first couple episodes. Maybe as a final time in the spotlight.

I look forward to seeing what happens tomorrow and hopefully I’ll have enough time for the Lie to Me premiere as well. I’m not getting hone until after six and then I have homework to catch up on and a physics test to study for.


One Response to “The Greg House from the past seasons is no more.”

  1. Tasmia Says:

    Any rumors of 13 coming back now? ;D You were right though, I think they did a good job with Cameron’s exit.

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