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House has changed in Season 6. September 27, 2009

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At the end of Season 5 of House MD, the doctor we all know and love, Gregory House started having hallucinations. House was a drug abuser; he overdosed on Vicodin many times a day. Although this drug was supposed to be administered for the constant pain he is in because of the pain in his right leg. As he gained tolerance to the regular dosage of Vicodin, one dose was no longer enough so he started to take more, and it snowballed from there. After many years of Vicodin abuse, House has just started having hallucinations.  The solution that all of the other doctors on the show saw was to have him stop taking Vicodin. I do not agree with this treatment, House was a good doctor who was in control when he was taking Vicodin; he had also been taking the drug for a very long time before the hallucinations started so it cannot have been the cause.

I have seen all of the episodes ever made of this show multiple times. Something I have noticed is that Vicodin is as much of a character in the show House MD as House himself. It is the drug that helped House stop obsessing with the constant pain in his leg. Instead it allowed him to focus on diagnosing patients with obscure and rare diseases.  There have been episodes where House takes stronger medication that takes away all of his pain, but without pain he chooses to make more conservative decisions which in turn affect the way he can diagnose patients. The pain that he has while he is on Vicodin is the amount that makes him the most productive and helps save the most people.

There are factors other than Vicodin that could have caused the hallucinations. During the period of time before House’s hallucinations started he had both major physical and emotional distress. He was in a motorcycle accident, and his father and two coworkers died. Pain because of the motorcycle accident would have been just another thing to House, but it could have left him with a head injury that was causing the hallucinations. House is very introverted and it would have caused viewer worried if the deaths of these people had hurt him much. House could have on the inside cared much more than the viewer could tell. He was in a way responsible for one of the deaths, and the other was a suicide that he did not see coming. Intense emotional pain could have been the reason for the hallucinations. The person he sees the hallucinations of was even more evidence of emotional connections; he saw Amber, his best friend’s girlfriend, who’s death he felt responsible for.

Forcing House to stop taking Vicodin was not a decision that could have helped him. As, seen in the past he does best when he is allowed to abuse the drug. When House is feeling better it not only helps him, but it helps his patients. Lives are saved when House is capable of diagnosing his cases. It is cruel to force him to experience the pain in his leg on an everyday basis by withholding drugs. The hallucinations would have started when his drug abuse began if it was caused by Vicodin, but it has only come about recently. This means that something more recent has caused it. The only reason Greg House should ever be taken off of Vicodin is if he has to have tests done that require it. Otherwise, his colleges should leave him alone when it comes to his usage, because it is obvious that his problem lies deeper.


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