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I watched the 3rd episode of Glee. September 23, 2009

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It made me laugh out loud quite a few times, not just the yeah I thought it was funny but the laughing so hard you can’t breathe. The first episode I saw in the spring was a little sad, but as the show progresses it gets more interesting with its over exaggerated stereotypes.

Today I was stuck in traffic for an hour during a drive that normally takes me five minutes. The weird thing is that it didn’t bother me, I sat there catching up with friends on the phone and blasting Taylor Swift. It made me take a break from my busy day. I had classes for the first time since the bad weather in my area. I worked and got my flu shot, and I helped out at my school. Of course, I felt all this justified my choice to skip math homework and watch Glee. I’m slowly falling back into my old bad habit. Damn Fox’s great fall line up. Oh well, it keeps me same as the cold starts freezing my brain.

Tomorrow is Thursday, the week is flying by. I don’t get to come home in between things that I do, but its all stuff I like so not to bad. I have school, a club meeting, then work. Did I mention that I will be wearing a ridiculous poodle skirt as well? I love dressing up!

Side note: I noticed that people actually read this, well like a handful of people got here by mistake. It different knowing that what I write has the chance of being read.


One Response to “I watched the 3rd episode of Glee.”

  1. Tasmia Says:

    Do you think you write differently if you know there’s an audience?

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