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I was the intern who got a promotion. September 30, 2009

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I learned to answer phones today while working. Not at the cafe, at the office. Then my mentor casually stated that maybe I could answer phones on Saturdays. I do not intern on Saturdays. Does that sound like her considering hiring me? Well knowing her, no. But I’ll keep my fingers crossed. Maybe I’ll get a promotion from unpaid child labor to minimum wage cheap help.

I enjoy being at the office, it helps me understand the dynamics of the career. Everyone is like one big family. Of course they all take about each other behind each others backs but they are women. When a bunch of women get together that is expected. I am allowed to say this because I am a woman, hear me roar.

That’s it for this little random entry.


Bad Habits, Bad Economy, and a Bad Hairday. September 28, 2009

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The only things that I do for fun on a regular basis is watch TV and sleep. Everything else is work or school or more work.

Tell me, what is the point of working if you have no time to do something with the money? Oh that’s right, with the way the tuitions are rising for college the existence of a teenage disposable income is past. So there is no need for me to worry about that money sitting in my bank account and getting stale. It will all be drained in due time. Where is that college tuition help Obama promised? Has he gotten around to that or did Cash for Clunkers eat up all that money? The problems our economy is facing are nothing to complain about compared to the problems of the governments debt. We are just going to have to give up California to China or something with the rate we are borrowing money.

I really shouldn’t worry about that just yet. I want to spend the last couple years before I am legally allowed to vote or in other words before I am forced to take sides. I need a haircut. Not just a trim since I’m growing it out, but a “Hey that’s a big change!” haircut. But I’m way to nervous to do it. Everyone with long hair who cuts it always complain about how they miss their hair. Well instead of longing for it to grow back I am going to continue to grow it out. Untill, (fill in the blank with some random excuse).

Bad Habit of the day has to me boys. I have made some friends this year, gotten closer to old friends. But I don’t want to have to make the decision between old and new friends. So instead of sitting down and thinking about it, I’m doing what I do best and avoiding it. I still stand by my original feelings that relationships are stupid in high school.


House was good. Lie to me was great.

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This is an interesting concept. Ever since that commercial declaring Lie to Me as the new House I refused to love Lie to Me like I love House. House just has something that no one can ever have. Today on the other hand, the episodes were back to back. I enjoyed both of them. During House I found myself yelling at the TV trying to get him to back away from the Vicodin. It was a blast from the past, as next week is supposed to be. The next hour Lie to Me came on with not just a medical wonder but a mysterious dead body. I loved seeing how the beginning was connected to the end. Although looking back on it it just seems to good to be true, I find it very entertaining and am looking forward to next week. House is still on the top of my list, followed by Glee (so far), then probably Dollhouse and Lie to Me. Fox is just churning them out.


The Greg House from the past seasons is no more. September 27, 2009

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House MD has been my favorite show from the moment I watched a random episode during season 5. Soon after that I bought all of the season that I missed and had a House Marathon all summer long. As House slowly lost his mind at the end of season 5 I began to get worried. Maybe they were wrapping things up.

When season 6 started it seems like there was a whole new House. He was no longer taking Vicodin (which one could argue is as big of a character on the show as House himself). All that was left was the shell of Greg House. Slowly over the course of two hours, it seemed like the writers changed the personality of House altogether. He became more willing to conform, he gave into a form of love, and he learned to forgive, and more out of character of all he learned to trust. His intuitiveness was the same as ever as he “cured” the girl with the music box. This show has been so consistent till now. I  like the new House that is coming through, but I really miss the old one. The House that didn’t care.

Now as the Season continues House will quit his job, and Foreman , the House-lite of the bunch will try to step up. That’s all I can tell from the trailers of the new episodes. I look forward to see what new characters they will have to interact with House and what they will do with the old ones. I have heard rumors of Cameron leaving the show, although both her and Chase are supposed to be well integrated for the first couple episodes. Maybe as a final time in the spotlight.

I look forward to seeing what happens tomorrow and hopefully I’ll have enough time for the Lie to Me premiere as well. I’m not getting hone until after six and then I have homework to catch up on and a physics test to study for.


House has changed in Season 6.

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At the end of Season 5 of House MD, the doctor we all know and love, Gregory House started having hallucinations. House was a drug abuser; he overdosed on Vicodin many times a day. Although this drug was supposed to be administered for the constant pain he is in because of the pain in his right leg. As he gained tolerance to the regular dosage of Vicodin, one dose was no longer enough so he started to take more, and it snowballed from there. After many years of Vicodin abuse, House has just started having hallucinations.  The solution that all of the other doctors on the show saw was to have him stop taking Vicodin. I do not agree with this treatment, House was a good doctor who was in control when he was taking Vicodin; he had also been taking the drug for a very long time before the hallucinations started so it cannot have been the cause.

I have seen all of the episodes ever made of this show multiple times. Something I have noticed is that Vicodin is as much of a character in the show House MD as House himself. It is the drug that helped House stop obsessing with the constant pain in his leg. Instead it allowed him to focus on diagnosing patients with obscure and rare diseases.  There have been episodes where House takes stronger medication that takes away all of his pain, but without pain he chooses to make more conservative decisions which in turn affect the way he can diagnose patients. The pain that he has while he is on Vicodin is the amount that makes him the most productive and helps save the most people.

There are factors other than Vicodin that could have caused the hallucinations. During the period of time before House’s hallucinations started he had both major physical and emotional distress. He was in a motorcycle accident, and his father and two coworkers died. Pain because of the motorcycle accident would have been just another thing to House, but it could have left him with a head injury that was causing the hallucinations. House is very introverted and it would have caused viewer worried if the deaths of these people had hurt him much. House could have on the inside cared much more than the viewer could tell. He was in a way responsible for one of the deaths, and the other was a suicide that he did not see coming. Intense emotional pain could have been the reason for the hallucinations. The person he sees the hallucinations of was even more evidence of emotional connections; he saw Amber, his best friend’s girlfriend, who’s death he felt responsible for.

Forcing House to stop taking Vicodin was not a decision that could have helped him. As, seen in the past he does best when he is allowed to abuse the drug. When House is feeling better it not only helps him, but it helps his patients. Lives are saved when House is capable of diagnosing his cases. It is cruel to force him to experience the pain in his leg on an everyday basis by withholding drugs. The hallucinations would have started when his drug abuse began if it was caused by Vicodin, but it has only come about recently. This means that something more recent has caused it. The only reason Greg House should ever be taken off of Vicodin is if he has to have tests done that require it. Otherwise, his colleges should leave him alone when it comes to his usage, because it is obvious that his problem lies deeper.


I watched the Dollhouse Season 2 premiere yesterday. September 26, 2009

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And I forgot to say something about it.

I watched all of season 1 very enthusiastically, up until the last couple episodes before I became a little bit confused. The character of Alpha threw my understanding a little bit off. After watching the episodes that didnt make sense again, I understood the ending and moved on with my life.

During the summer I learned about the mistake that Fox had made. They had made 14 episodes but only set it to run for three weeks. They began trimming everything and changed up the story line a bit. The last episode that was aired on Fox was not the actualy season finale, it was the 13th episode. To watch the seasom finale, fans have to buy the season 1 dvds. Sorry Fox, I may like Dollhouse, but not enough to buy the series. House is the only thing worthy of my money.

I figure that I should watch that season 1 finale that was never aired and then go back to this premiere and see if I understand it better. If not then I guess I’ll give it a couple chances to catch on and explain itself. If it fails to do this, I’ll drop the series.

Easy said that done though, I have a bit of an obsession with Fox. I watch 4 shows, all of which are on Fox. They have done well in the past couple of seasons. I want to write about House as well, but I’m too tired. I will tomorrow, so it will be done before the second episode makes me biased about my feeling towards the actions of Dr. Gregory House in the Season 3 premiere.


This is a little family background. September 25, 2009

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I often have so much that I want to write about. Of course I never have the time, so I thought instead of sitting here wondering what topic I would like to write about, I would just go ahead and continue with the basics.

I live with my family. We’re a fairly functional bunch. I have had some rough patches with my younger sister but it all worked out in the end.

My paternal grandparents mean the world to me. They were the ones who taught me to walk and talk. Even though I’m so much older now, I still have bad days if I don’t get to see them in the morning. They are my motivation. My grandmother, Mama, is soft spoken and has quiet wisdom that she is always ready to pass on. She sort of reminds me of Grandmother Willow, the tree in Pocahontas. She is very religious so that in turn affects my life. My grandfather is rugged and stubborn man, he reminds me of my father, who in turn reminds me of myself. He has seen the world change in his life time and it is so fun to listen as he tells stories of the past.  My Daddy, as I call my grandfather, is a fix-it man, anything broken in the house he takes care of. He reminds me that I can do anything I set my mind to and calms me down when I get frustrated or stressed.

My Mom and Papa are both people who I seem to be getting along with better as I age. The older and more mature I get, the more we see eye to eye. Most people say its the opposite for them, they have trouble getting along. The truth is that I’m afraid of growing up a little. I like the way things are going right now, as much as I complain. My parents are what ground me nd remind me of what is to come in my life. My dad especially keeps me focused. My mother and I have a different relationship, it seems the less we see of each other, the more we love each other. With her I know that if we lived in different houses, we would be the best of friends. But alas, she is here to tell me to clean my room, do my homework, straiten things up, and other things that I know to do without being told. The best thing about my mother is that she hasn’t forgotten what is  important to us, her children. She spoils us with love and attention.

My sister and my cousin who lives with us, they are a little tricky. For the past year, as my sister entered the preteen stage, I just couldn’t get along with her. I still have that problem some days. But it seems that we have been united against a common enemy, my cousin. We just complain to each to her about him, even though he isn’t nearly as bad as we make it seem. My solution for my antagonistic feelings toward him is avoiding hanging out with him at home. Its weird how we go to the same school and we live in the same house, but I only talk to him twice a day or so.

Well there’s a quick little summary of my feelings towards my family now. Of course, if I had written this two days ago it would be different. It all depends on my mood.

I must have been very tired when I wrote this on Friday night, I just noticed it was sitting in my drafts.


The meaning of “scandalous” has changed. September 24, 2009

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It was “Decade Day” at school. I wore a long poodle skirt from the 50s and makeup that took to long to put on. When I got to class I noticed my teacher had a poodle skirt on as well, but hers only came to just below her knees, this would have been scandalous at the time.

Nowadays, there is almost nothing when it comes to clothing that is scandalous. We have seen it all, or in in some cases haven’t seen clothing at all. It interesting how little one can wear in public, but nudism is still shunned. I understand the message of nudism, but personally I would never be comfortable enough to do it. I was thinking about this as I was changing from my fifties outfit into something more acceptable for my job at a cafe. I shimmed out of that long shielding skirt and back into the acceptable shorts of today and a T-shirt.

When I got home this became an issue. My father who is very traditional asked about why I would wear something so casual to work, even if I’m just cleaning and taking orders. He said that no one dressed as ridiculous as me. This is coming from a father who asked why I did not dress in 50s clothing everyday. I took this opportunity to open his eyes to how many of his clothing restrictions that I have followed in the past and still do. I have been careful about skirt lengths my whole life, made sure necklines weren’t too low, and struggled to find tank tops that weer acceptable.  He really didn’t understand what short shorts were. This have gotten to the point were one may have to question weather something is inner wear or outerwear and he is concerned with my modest running shorts.

This brings me to another thing that I noticed today. My entire family tends to point out that my clothing is inappropriate when it is just regular stuff. As soon as I put on a traditional eastern outfit, the only thing that I can possibly be reprimanded about is wearing the wrong color. People always say to pick and chose your battles, but sometime things are just go hand in hand. If I am allowed to wear a top that exposes half of my stomach, then why not a tank top that only exposes the shoulders? Before today I had just accepted this fact and laughed about it many times. But today, after that little argument, it stayed at the back of my mind bothering me.

To my father, anything that makes me look my age is scandalous. To my grandparents, anything causal is scandalous. To me, anything that could be mistaken for underwear is scandalous. To the world? The only type of scandals left related to clothing are wardrobe malfunctions or lack of clothing altogether.


I watched the 3rd episode of Glee. September 23, 2009

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It made me laugh out loud quite a few times, not just the yeah I thought it was funny but the laughing so hard you can’t breathe. The first episode I saw in the spring was a little sad, but as the show progresses it gets more interesting with its over exaggerated stereotypes.

Today I was stuck in traffic for an hour during a drive that normally takes me five minutes. The weird thing is that it didn’t bother me, I sat there catching up with friends on the phone and blasting Taylor Swift. It made me take a break from my busy day. I had classes for the first time since the bad weather in my area. I worked and got my flu shot, and I helped out at my school. Of course, I felt all this justified my choice to skip math homework and watch Glee. I’m slowly falling back into my old bad habit. Damn Fox’s great fall line up. Oh well, it keeps me same as the cold starts freezing my brain.

Tomorrow is Thursday, the week is flying by. I don’t get to come home in between things that I do, but its all stuff I like so not to bad. I have school, a club meeting, then work. Did I mention that I will be wearing a ridiculous poodle skirt as well? I love dressing up!

Side note: I noticed that people actually read this, well like a handful of people got here by mistake. It different knowing that what I write has the chance of being read.


It is the First Day of Fall. September 22, 2009

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Lately the weather has been really bad. There has been some flooding around the south and it feels like I’m breathing in water. Today, it was a little different, it was a flash back to the hot summer days that we will no longer have, as if the weather was teasing about fall coming. Normally I hate fall, but this year as it gets cold I feel.

So I guess I need to start from scratch with this new blog. A quick summary of my life currently: I go to school. I work. I volunteer. I do homework. And I squish real life in between all of this. I love being really busy, it keeps me from procrastinating.

Lately I have been a little more closed up than normally. I have a few really close friends, and many people I talk to at school. But ever since I have had that feeling that I am doing something with my life, I have stopped talking as often or a deeply to them. I never have the time for anyone, so its beginning to be the people that I have classes with that I associate with more. This makes me a little sad, I wanted our little group to tighten this year. But ever since everyone has coupled up their priorities have sifted, they no longer want to have lunch all together. They just want to be with their other halves. I guess this is a major issue for me. I just don’t understand why these kids are getting so attached to people they won’t ever see again after graduating. No strings attached makes more sense to me than this web of commitment.

I just have strong opinions about some things and I’m neutral when it comes to other things. It reminds me of a recent essay I wrote. The topic asked for an essay about a current issue in the world, it wanted both sides of it and a personal opinion and solution. I wrote about health care. I hate the idea of universal health care. Doing this is just one step closer to socialism, another thing I am strongly against. I feel that Obama is trying to spread the government’s power. He is spending money that our country does not have. People will try to take advantage of health care, while the government will try to cut back to save money. Sure health care will become affordable to all (there will be no way to keep it from illegals), Obama is just another Robinhood. But isn’t taking from rich still stealing, even if you give it to the poor?

That was a little rant that probably made no sense. I just don’t want to be a government employee in the future, and I am planning on going into medicine. I will be watching this issue closely as it progresses. I just hope that Obama compromises and decides to control insurance premiums instead. Sure it would still be more power for the government, but that would mean that things would continue normally and still be more affordable.

This really wasn’t supposed to become about health care, but I got off track somewhere. I continue the overview of my life later.